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Polyurethane Track Pads

Milling machine track pad bears important task of walk during working time. ASAP track pad always provide driving force continuously under any bad environment. To meet the strength of milling machine, our company developed poly track pad. Poly track pad has combined new type and special polyurethane material, which makes the tensil strength extremely high.

Milling machine synthesis of polyurethane applies to new-type milling machine far and wide. Under the bad environment, the synthesis of polyurethane could avoid damaging asphalt pavement.

There are several advantages of poly pad:
  • 1. New type combines with special polyurethane material, tensil strength extremely high.
  • 2. increasing 30% polyurethane and prolonging work life.
  • 3. steel plate combines with polyurethane highly bounding.
  • 4. High strength poly pad bolt with chamfer design provides lasting connections.
  • 5. Fine thread guarantees reliable connections.
  • 6. It can be used more than 2 years for milling machines.

Part No. Type Length Width Height
AP11000001 Split Track Pads 260 120 48
AP12000001 Split Track Pads 260 140 44
AP11000117 Split Track Pads 260 140 45
AP11000115 Split Track Pads 300 130 45
AP12000002 Split Track Pads 300 130 48
AP11000002 Split Track Pads 300 130 55
AP1200007 Split Track Pads 350 135 44
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