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Spare Parts

Rubber Track Pads

ASAP has been providing durable, premium grade rubber tracks and is considered to be one of the first aftermarket distributors in the industry.

Our Advantages in industry:
  • 1. It can absorb vibration to protect the undercarriage parts.
  • 2. One-hand design , to ensure it can't be dropped, and easy to change.
  • 3. Seperate design, it can only change the rubber , track shoes can use again and again, to save much money.
  • 4. Enclosed design, to avoid the macadam etc. take into rubber to destory the rubber, then it has longer life.
  • 5. It can be used more than 3 years for asphalt pavers.

Our rubber track pad system is designed to allow our buyers to quickly remove and replace them without the hassle of reaching into hard to reach areas to unbolt their track pad.

Part No. Type Length Width
AP10000001 Split Track Pads 300 130
AP10000002 Split Track Pads 320 135
AP10000005 Split Track Pads 350 135
AP11000004 Split Track Pads 400 135
AP11000118 Split Track Pads 300 175
AP101000012 Unify Track Pads 280 120
AP101000013 Unify Track Pads 300 130
AP10100010 Unify Track Pads 300 170
AP100100011 Unify Track Pads 320 135
AP10100004 Unify Track Pads 320 175
AP10100006 Unify Track Pads 400 135
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